"These Foolish Things
(Remind Me Of You)"
I fell in love with the song "These Foolish Things" when I first heard it years and years ago as a kid. I think Ella was crooning it out of my mom's stereo. The nostalgia aspect of the lyric has always been so appealing to me. I think of singing songs as telling stories, so when a lyric is picturesque it makes my job as the singer so much fun. "A cigarette that bears a lipsticks traces / an airline ticket to romantic places"... can't you just see the red lipstick marks on a cigarette butt laying next to an airplane stub in a box of collected relationship memories? We had a lot of fun recording the song and I love performing it. It's sultry and smooth, real cozy and retro sounding. I've always loved butterflies. The concept of something evolving and growing from a chrysalis into a beautiful unique insect is really thrilling. The idea to make this record started off very amorphously and turned into something really specific and special that I'm proud of... so it's kind of like the journey of a butterfly.

April is the beginning of spring, and I remember chasing little butterflies through central park as the weather would start to warm up in the city. I wanted to create an image with butterflies to work with this memory so Sam Jones and I came up with the idea for the April calendar image. I loved it so much, I decided to use an image from this setup for the record cover!

Hope you guys like it as much as I do.
- Emmy