"(I'll Be With You) In Apple Blossom Time"
Apple Blossom Time was my childhood bedtime lullaby. My mother sang it to me as she tucked me in every night. Her mother sang it to her when she was a child. It's a bit of a Rossum family heirloom, I suppose. The Andrew Sisters song was really my first introduction to standards of the era. I think that's why it was so obvious to me to put it on the record. I can't imagine Sentimental Journey without the song that started it all when I was little. Although I should mention that the melody I heard and learned as a child wasn't exactly that of the Andrews Sisters. After passing it down it got a little muddled so I actually had to relearn it correctly before recording it for the record!!! I am really proud of this recording, as Stu and I worked very diligently to pick out each girl's part and reproduce it. I would say this cover is the closest to it's original counterpart of any song on the record. It's also the perfect wedding song, and I'm a sucker for weddings!!!
- Emmy